Wayne began his career as a Royal Marine in the mid-1980s; he went on to complete Special Forces selection at the beginning of the 90’s and subsequently served more than 25 years in United Kingdom’s Special Forces (UKSF).

As an Officer in UKSF, he gained substantial experience operating in many complex environments and scenarios including; close protection, peacekeeping, warfighting and combating insurgencies. He also worked extensively alongside the UK’s Government agencies to combat serious organised crime and terrorism.

Wayne has been involved in every major conflict since the mid-1980s and held a range of key appointments, both in combat and at headquarters level, including a two-year command assignment to the United States Seal Team Six. He was awarded Queens Commendations for Valuable Service on two separate occasions for his role on operations.

Prior to leaving the military, he was responsible for delivering individual and collective training requirements for large numbers of personnel in support of a wide range of activities and was responsible for the recruiting, selecting and training of new Special Forces Soldiers.

Wayne’s knowledge of leadership responsibilities stretches beyond those he has experienced in his military roles;

He was the first Royal Marines Officer to walk unsupported to the Geographic North Pole; he has returned to the top of the World on two further expeditions, led teams on challenges across Vietnam, Cambodia, the Sahara, Central America and Africa. He established a new route on the North Face of Kilimanjaro in 2017; in the process, he has helped raise millions for charities.