Building resilience in times of uncertainty – An online programme to help leaders, teams and organisations build resilience and perform in adversity.

The Extreme Leaders help you maintain physical and mental resilience for your roles, not just through periods of uncertainty and isolation like we’re currently experiencing, but enabling you to perform to the highest standard throughout your career and beyond.

Thirty years ago, if any of my comrades came to me with talk of PTSD or Burnout, I would have told them to dry their eyes. I was ignorant, naïve and very wrong. In my many years as a special forces operator, I worked with some of the toughest and strongest men you could imagine, and I saw some of them reduced to a shadow of their former selves as a result of mental ill health.

Any organisation is only as strong as the collective resilience of its members. Only by understanding that we have shared areas of strength, and by building awareness of potential areas of vulnerability can we keep our teams’ integrity, and subsequently support one another to build the foundations of a sustainable, high performance culture.

External pressures can be constant, and there’s also the pressures that come from within, the pressure we place upon ourselves. We are diligent, conscientious, we don’t want to let anybody down, and then there’s the “F words” the Fear of Failure…

If we maintain an optimal balance between pressures and capability, we could remain effective and perform at the highest levels indefinitely – but maintaining this state without support is difficult. We will all at some stage, to some extent, take on more than we can manage, or we will be burdened by additional external factors beyond our control, and we can begin to suffer with illness, anxiety and depression.

Here at The Extreme Leaders we have identified three elements to maintaining and building resilience;

Physiology – The ability to recognise the signals from your own body, the importance of diet, sleep, exercise and social support.

Healthy choices – Both at home and at work will help maintain that optimal balance and prevent burnout.

Mindset – How we see things, our attitudes towards the challenges we face will have a profound effect on how we cope with them.

Taking those foundations and drawing on our collective experiences of resilience and performance through adversity, we have developed a series of online programmes and tools to help individuals, teams and whole organisations to become more resilient. We call it Extreme Resilience.

For more information, or if you are interested in The Extreme Leaders delivering something for your business then please contact us.