Our Belief

When the human being is at the centre of commercial endeavour then things start to make sense, they make sense to the employee, they make sense to the customer and that in turn demonstrates a social conscience that reinforces meaning that goes beyond money.

Leadership is a Decision

We believe leadership and management are united, that they happen in tandem and cannot be separated, this means that the role is that of leader-manager. The start point for Extreme Leaders is the understanding that everyone can be a leader, that leadership is not hierarchical but a human capacity and trait inherent in everyone. Development of this skill set starts with leadership of self.

Increased spans of control, expanding responsibility and niche competences are some of today’s challenges. The approach to addressing these challenges is skill and role based. The human behaviour which allows skills to combine and create extraordinary performance is determined in the first instance by the self-leadership skills and behaviour demonstrated by a senior team. If, with support, individuals can understand how to lead themselves and how that impacts others they can build a foundation of shared standards. From these standards a team can recruit, develop and manage towards an agreed expectation for the way leadership will be experienced across the entire enterprise.

It's Not About Tier, It's About Community

Once you step into the thinking that says seniority is about role responsibility and span of control, recognising that someone may have greater role responsibility and thus be judged against larger key performance indicators, whereas leadership is something against which everyone must be held to the same standard, then you must throw away historical notions of levels of leadership.

If you seek a revolution in performance then the Extreme Leaders will demonstrate how to break the belief that leadership is determined by hierarchy. We will catalyse the shift in attitude from ‘leadership is a position’ to ‘leadership is a mindset and a fundamental philosophy’. The step change in thinking comes when we ask, “what are we doing that enables everyone to lead?” vs. “what are we doing that prevents people from leading?”

This approach enables the enterprise to predict, respond, develop and progress faster and more effectively, it is this mindset that enables extraordinary success.

The Extreme Leaders team have an essential belief in the power of the individual and the power of the team as a community. We believe that culture is determined, owned and driven by the many not the few. Extreme Leaders support the development and application of leadership at every level in the organisation.


The core of the Extreme Leaders thinking is that everyone is a leader of self, the ‘CEO of YOU’. With that realisation comes a space in the world that requires the individual to hold their own position and hone the thinking, vocabulary and behaviours that go with that truth. The most successful enterprises are those where leadership is shared throughout the organisation – decisions are made and actions taken against a culture of shared philosophy and principles.

When people see the value in their actions this creates a strong sense of attachment and motivation to enhance, protect and nurture the environment that creates this culture, it is at this point that the team start to drive the culture; this is then the catalyst for innovation, high value discretionary effort and ultimately commercial success grounded in sustainable, legacy driven behaviours. This is now a business that people want to join, commit to and drive forwards.

Spitsbergen Pursuit Challenge | March 2022

Delivered by The Extreme Leaders, Polar Adventurer, Alan Chambers MBE, former Special Forces Officer, Wayne Hoyle and special guest Jason Fox (SAS: Who Dares Wins), the Spitsbergen Pursuit Challenge is designed to take you out of your comfort-zone and in doing so transform you into an Extreme Leader.

Are you ready for an extreme leadership programme that promotes positivity, inspires aspirational growth and challenges you in the face of adversity?

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