Aida has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare in the UK and South Africa with over 10 years in
executive management.

Aida’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm and passion for innovation in healthcare led her to join Huma –
Creating a world where every person lives their life to the fullest. Making the leap from reactive to
proactive medicine by providing solutions such as Remote Healthcare Provision during the Covid Crisis
to utilisation and evolution of healthcare through digital biomarkers. Aida sits on the board for Immersive
Gym as the healthcare advisor working on creating immersed wellness.

At HCA International Aida’s background and specialisation in cancer and clinical research enabled her to
help establish the first private cancer network in the UK and bring the provision of private cancer clinical
trials to London through Sarah Cannon Research Programme. Aida was instrumental in the collaboration
between Private Healthcare provision and National Health Services.

Aida is a leader with integrity and resilience. With her wealth of experience and detailed focus for safety
and innovation in Healthcare, Aida led The Harley Street Clinic, the Portland Hospital and Leaders of
Oncology Care as CEO into Excellence in Healthcare Delivery.

Aida is the mum of two boys. As a natural leader and compassionate teacher Aida is a mentor and friend
to many colleagues.

Aida is a strong advocate of collaboration and shared learning for the better of mankind. An excellent
communicator and a natural problem solver, Aida aids people with excellent ideas to bring these to reality
to benefit all humankind. Aida is passionate about Leadership in healthcare and the impact this has
holistically to human lives.

A Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Quantum Yoga Instructor.