Rashmi is the Managing Director of Rashmi Dubé Ltd and a Partner at law firm gunnercooke LLP. She is a practicing UK lawyer and business expert in turnaround. Rashmi is a future thinker in terms of turnaround. The old rhetoric is to say, ‘success is to ensure businesses are profitable’, but it is so much more than that in today’s climate. It is about changing your thinking, perception, communication and resilience. The question is are you Future Thinking Now? She is known in the business community as:

  1. Negotiations & Disputes Lawyer
  2. Future Thinking Now for organisations and business Turnaround & Growth
  3. Thought Leader


Rashmi is an avid podcaster and her podcasts on resilience and business can be found at www. RashmiDube.Com. She also regularly provides talks on “turning up your volume” in terms of Diversity and Inclusion, combining theory and with real life and how the future of turnaround is here, and we are missing it.