Dave Pye

Climate Change & Sustainability

Dave is an award-winning force of nature with over 30 years multi-disciplinary experience gained as a campaign Director, CSR and brand specialist, Transport Planner, Royal Marine Commando, and more recently in the media and entertainment industry. He holds a BSc (hons) Outdoor and Science Education (Secondary), and MSc Integrated Environmental Studies.

Unite, Respect and Protect is a mantra of Dave’s, he is responsible for creating the world’s largest walk to school initiative (WOW) and is founder of The Green Marine a global movement built upon a philosophy that billions of small individual #micromision actions add up to ONE big change, where everyone matters and anyone can make a positive difference in the world.

His perspective is enlightening, seeing opportunities where others see challenges which led to the creation of Celsius Productions Limited a transmedia entertainment business, launching a new IP aimed at children with a core age of 7 to 12-year olds. The mission is simple to reconnect our kids with the natural world and each other – inspiring positive environmental, health and social action as part of everyday life. They hold the exclusive worldwide licence for Clay Swift® – Force of Nature.

People, Planet, Purpose, and Passion are the four strands to his DNA which help to create solutions to some of the most important environmental and social challenges currently facing our planet.

Utilising his entrepreneurial experience in the public and private sectors he has a vision to fully activate the hero within us all and create a new future ‘earth force’ where people and nature not only survive but thrive.

At any given moment we get to choose how it all begins, we also have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end. Let us all make good things happen! Even just a little bit.

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