Rashmi Dubé

Personal Impact & Transformation

Rashmi Dubé is a veteran when it comes the business world. A practicing disputes lawyer for the last 25 years and a mediator where in both she works in a highly emotional charged people and often where the stakes are high. She is also a serial entrepreneur and has the war wounds, scars, sleepless night together with the elation and jubilations of success.

Rashmi believes that good governance, pillars of which are Leadership, Strategy and Diversity stemming from the board to create future leaders.

Rashmi runs her own consultancy business Future Thinking Now offering board level business strategy and planning for fast growth and businesses. Rashmi holds a number of board positions and has worked extensively in the Turnaround arena with the TMA where she currently holds a position on the European board.

Rashmi is described as “ a joy to work with … I found Rashmi supportive, challenging (in a good way!) and laser focused…. Rashmi is a good listener, very pragmatic and full of very helpful business advice. She is an excellent networker and opened up her contacts where appropriate. I loved the energy and commitment brought to each meeting, it was infectious and she certainly kept us on our toes with her direct and helpful approach. “

Rashmi draws on her own vast experiences and as an author and business columnist Rashmi tells her story in such a way that resonates with the listener on every level. She captures you in her tale making you think again about how you approach your personal and business life. Lessons she has learnt in the boardroom, as a start-up, growing pains and on being the only women in the room.
Speaking topics include:

• Diversity and inclusion
• Leadership – is about the followers.
• Stereotypes
• Turn Up your Volume – you have a voice

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