Thank you and congratulations — A group of 30 people came together for the Reboot Skills programme, from all over the country, and from very diverse backgrounds, to bond and achieve amazing results.

We dislocated expectations, created discomfort and challenged everyone in many different ways, both mentally and physically, and although there were ‘moments’, everyone rose to the challenge.

The improvement in performance comparisons from day 1 to day 2 were off the scale. Individuals and teams visibly grew in stature; it was a pleasure to behold and evidence that the Reboot Skills programme works. Human beings are a social animal and we need our ‘Tribes’ to help us sparkle and shine.

For those of you not able to attend this time, we are thrilled to announce that our next Reboot Skills will be held at Pippingford Park on 23 -24 April 2021.
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