What We Do — The Extreme Leaders experience brings true transformation to your people and your business through support and leadership programmes driven by world class leaders. Our tailored solutions deliver impact at an individual, team and organisational level.

Extreme Leadership

The business landscape is growing ever more complex and the way forward is increasingly uncertain.

We help leaders to navigate through the challenging 21st century landscape, driving change by helping others to nurture new ideas and become resilient and adaptable - by identifying problems and empowering your people to solve them, and by creating clarity and purpose where others see only ambiguity.

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Extreme Experiences

We are an elite group that have achieved in extreme situations that can bring your teams to success. From across the commercial, sport, military and business arenas our Extreme Leadership gatherings enable people to come together and share their challenges, experiences, learning and methodologies in a way that enables everyone to learn and benefit from.

We have taken the key mindsets and behaviours that constitute an extreme leader and our focus is on bringing that to the world, with the belief that each person, team and organisation has its own extreme challenges and can step into the space of being extreme leaders.

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Extreme Coaching

We believe that a coach should be capable of acting as a trainer, counsel and often a mentor as well. Executive Coaching is not credible unless delivered by respected, experienced leaders supported by highly skilled coaches. We therefore take extreme care when matching our coaches to our client's requirements.

Our combined experience clearly demonstrates that a shift in leadership behaviour only happens when the executive accepts ownership of the action they implement. Ownership and accountability are the key elements of self-leadership, which is the prerequisite for sustainable performance improvement and continuous team building.

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Extreme Transformation

Award winning transformation does not happen by accident. The Extreme Leaders facilitator team are an exceptional collection of people, each in their own right have achieved a level of specialist knowledge and leadership expertise that enable them to deliver the Extreme Leaders message in a way that can be understood and executed by those experiencing it.

Each team member has personal credibility derived from decades of delivering transformation programmes. We have experience delivering a range of transformation projects, including the cultural integration of household brand names, facilitating the cultural shift in large construction companies and working with senior teams at national organisations to shift behaviour, culture and client engagement.

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Extreme Resilience

A resilient organisation not only survives, but also thrives in an environment of change and uncertainty. Resilience isn’t an end state or a single skill, it is a variety of skills and coping mechanisms that can be taught. To operate under the most adverse circumstances it’s important to highlight the positive, adapt and grow stronger following crisis. Individual resilience fosters resilient leadership and contributes to resilient organisations.

We offer a range of Resilience Programmes that can be tailored to your organisation, giving employees and leaders the opportunity to redefine and leverage stress for growth. These innovative and holistic, facilitator-led programmes focus on moving between stress and strategic recovery to help build resilience and performance under pressure.

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