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The business landscape is growing ever more complex and the way forward is increasingly uncertain. We help leaders to navigate through the challenging 21st century landscape, driving change by helping others to nurture new ideas and become resilient and adaptable - by identifying problems and empowering your people to solve them, and by creating clarity and purpose where others see only ambiguity.


The Extreme Leaders are recognised as stand out international, workshop and keynote leadership speakers, who’s presentations and workshops deliver real life authentic lessons on topics such as “Leading from the Back” “The Resilient and Adaptive Leader” “Building High Performing Teams” “Leading in Adversity” “The CEO of You” and the “Importance of Maintaining a Vision”.

Individuals, Teams and Larger Organisations benefit from The Extreme Leaders motivational, inspirational and thought provoking presentations. Keynotes, Workshops and presentations can be delivered online.

Alan is the author of best-selling Leadership book “Lead Yourself To Success”.

Reboot Skills | Summer Series 2021

In an uncertain business landscape, be sure you are ready to seize the initiative and maintain performance for future growth by investing in your company to rebuild bonds, to renew energy and to reboot the drive for success! Learning from our team’s unrivalled leadership experience your team will work together to adapt and overcome a series of physical and mental challenges, over the course of two days.


We inspire thousands of people from all walks of life. We engage audiences with our stories at a deep level, with a likeable yet determined style of leadership. Our motivational speeches and workshops deliver high performance business lessons in a practical and manageable way.

The Extreme Leaders deliver over 100 motivational speeches and workshops each year for individuals and organisations of all sizes from small SMEs to global blue-chip organisations. Contact us today to find out more.

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