Extreme Resilience

Extreme Resilience is an online programme designed to help leaders, teams and organisations build resilience and perform in adversity.

Created by our team of world-class leaders and associates, Extreme Resilience is built on material that can be easily accessed and digested by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We also deliver live resilience surgeries and 1-2-1 e-coaching to support your employees during these difficult and challenging times.

Whatever your organisational needs, the Extreme Leaders help you as leaders, as individuals, and in your teams, to maintain physical, emotional and mental resilience.

The skills you learn will play not just to periods of uncertainty and isolation like we’re currently experiencing: they will enable you to perform to the highest standard throughout your career and beyond.

Extreme Resilience is a tested methodology that has supported high performing teams and organisations from elite sport, the military and the business world for decades.


The added strain of the effects of Covid-19 has changed the way we all live and work and the need for the BASICS of Resilience course may have never been greater. We encourage you to become aware of your own vulnerabilities.


In an ever changing business landscape where organisations are under pressure to adapt, our TRIM course offer a variety of skills and coping mechanisms crucial to overcoming the challenges of daily life.

Why Extreme Resilience?

Even in good times, organisations are under pressure to adapt to new ways of working in a rapidly changing business landscape, driven by an increasing need to reduce costs.

These challenges are even bigger now as businesses struggle to maintain productivity through extreme adversity.

Extreme Resilience is not fixed, it is not something we have or don’t have. It’s a variety of skills and coping mechanisms that can be taught and is crucial to overcoming these challenges.

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